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Introduction to each unit of linear edge sealing machine (1)


In the manufacturing process of customized furniture, the edge sealing is one of the most important links. Common edge banding equipment mainly include: portable hand-held edge banding machine, manual edge banding machine, CNC machining center and linear edge banding machine.

Among them, the linear edge banding machine, which is used most frequently and has the highest production efficiency, has become one of the necessary equipment for customized furniture manufacturers. So what are the main units of a linear edge banding machine? What kind of influence will each unit have on the final finished sheet?

Feeding unit

The feeding unit can be divided into edge strip feeding and sheet feeding. The simplest edge banding feeding unit is generally a round platform, which can place a roll of edge banding. With the development of customized furniture, there are more and more colors of the panel, and more and more kinds of edge banding are matched with it. Therefore, a multi-channel edge banding feeding unit is derived, which can realize the automatic switching of edge banding of different colors, greatly reducing the time of manual edge banding. The feeding of plate is relatively simple, generally through the conveyor belt for transportation.
Linear edge banding machine with multi channel edge banding feeding device

Pre milling unit

Pre milling is one of the key factors affecting the quality of edge sealing. The width of pre milled plate is generally 0.5-1.5 mm. For the most common melamine board, because the material on the surface of melamine board is brittle, there is often edge burst phenomenon when cutting. In addition to frequently replacing the saw blade of the electronic cutting saw, the pre milling cutter of the edge banding machine should also be maintained frequently to ensure the pre milling quality of the board to achieve the expected effect, and reduce the unqualified edge banding quality of the final product board caused by unqualified pre milling quality Qualified.

Gluing unit (laser / hot air unit)

The gluing methods of linear edge banding machine can be divided into two types: ① coating to edge banding strip and ② coating to plate. The laser / hot air edge banding machine has no gluing unit. The special material layer of the edge banding strip is melted by laser or hot air to realize the bonding between the edge banding strip and the plate. For the difference between laser edge banding and hot melt adhesive edge banding, click the link on the right: the future belongs to laser edge banding | explain the difference between laser edge banding and hot melt adhesive edge banding in detail

Roller unit

The roller unit is closely followed by the gluing unit, and its function is to make the edge banding strip and the plate bond more closely under the pressure of the roller. The pressure of the roller is one of the important factors affecting the bond between the edge banding strip and the plate. At the same time, adjusting the pressure of the roller can effectively reduce the width of the glue line and obtain a better appearance.

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