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Versatile cutting machine uses


Pluripotent cutting machine is mainly used for cutting the cylinder and with irregular shape of convex concave polygon and sample, adopts the fully closed structure, can guarantee the absolute security under the state of a wafer sample, to avoid the cutting of sample in overheating and burning material organization, besides equipped with strong cooling system, and sample can rotate when cutting, can avoid the sample during the cut down on the surface of the burn,  It can increase the cutting section, improve the utilization rate of cutting wheel, and has the advantages of convenient operation, use and maintenance. It is an excellent equipment for cutting irregular profiles.  

Pluripotent cutting machine is a kind of for various types of materials: metal, nonmetal, such as steel, aluminum, plastic, wood, stone, such as cutting, sawing, milling operations of multi-function processing design of a cutting machine, use the technology developed mechanical and can be widely used in various industrial production, especially suitable for integrated processing or repair industry and factory, repair shop.