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Woodworking planer


A woodworking machine that processes flat or formed surfaces of wood with a rotating or stationary planer.  According to different process uses, woodworking planer can be divided into planer, single side planer, double side planer, double side planer, three side planer, four side planer and finishing planer.  

A datum or two directly intersecting planes used for planing a work piece.  The motor drives the planer shaft to rotate at high speed through adhesive tape, and the workpiece is fed to the planer shaft by hand along the guide plate and close to the front table.  The front table is lower than the back table, and the height difference is the thickness of the planing layer.  Adjusting the guide plate can change the machining width and Angle of the workpiece.  The structure of jointing planer is similar to that of flat planer, but the machining accuracy is higher.  Planing is mainly used for the processing of the joint surface of the plate.  

Woodworking planers are used for planing sheets and squares to obtain accurate thickness.  The planer shaft of a single-sided woodworking planer rotates for cutting motion, and the four rollers above and below the wood make the wood feed motion along the table through the tool shaft.  Double-sided woodworking planer is processed by two knife shafts at the same time. According to the different arrangement of knife shafts, the relative two sides or adjacent two sides of the workpiece can be planed.  Three-sided woodworking planer uses three tool axes to plane three surfaces of the workpiece simultaneously.  The four-sided woodworking planer uses 4 ~ 8 tool axes to plane the four surfaces of the workpiece at the same time, with high productivity and suitable for mass production.  

The fixed planer blade of woodworking finishing planer is installed in the middle of the worktable. The sheet material is driven by the joineless belt at high speed through the tool, and the wavy knife mark left by the previous process is scraped off to make it smooth and straight. The finishing planer is suitable for the final finishing of the wood plane.