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Automatic Vertical Buzz Saw


Circular saw machine is mainly used to cut metal, wood cutting tools;  

Circular saw machine according to the processing products can be divided into metal circular saw machine and woodworking circular saw machine.  According to the feeding mode is divided into vertical, horizontal and scissors type.  According to the control mode, it can be divided into manual, semi-automatic and full-automatic.  And in accordance with the requirements of special material rack.  One of the automatic circular saw machine control interface is based on PLC HMI technology development of the operating system, usually with a touch screen and operation panel.  Using man-machine interface, only the operator input the material specifications, size, processing number and other parameters, according to the input parameters, the system will automatically adjust the saw blade speed, cutting speed per tooth and other complex parameters, in order to provide the operator with the most convenient operation mode.  This kind of circular saw machine safety is high, generally in the fully closed state of work, failure can automatically stop and alarm, can avoid casualties and equipment loss, at the same time the processing efficiency is very high.  

High control precision, fast cutting speed, automatic circular saw machine center operation automatically completed, staff can use through brief training, through PLC control (do not need CNC program or other special professional knowledge).