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Wide-band sander


Wide-band sander is used in sanding machinery manufacturing field, the advantage is to solve the waterproof problem of lifting screw pair.  

The structure between the lifting screw pair and the frame in the wideband sanding machine belongs to the sanding mechanism manufacturing field.  The utility model comprises a sanding machine, and both ends of the horizontal axis of the working platform are respectively connected with the lifting screw pair. The lifting screw pair is located in the frame and drives the working platform to move up and down the horizontal axis of the working platform.  Advantages: first, it not only fundamentally solves the technical problem of waterproof and dustproof of the lifting screw pair, but also greatly improves the stability performance;  Two is due to effectively solve the lifting screw pair waterproof, dust-proof problems, not only to ensure the synchronization of the two groups of lifting screw pair up, down accuracy, and greatly improve the service life.