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Tenoning machine is a kind of automatic equipment

Tenoning machine is a kind of automatic equipment, saving manpower.  Especially now that labor costs are so high and skilled workers are hard to find, it is necessary to replace labor with an automated machine.  In the past, manual tenon old, simple, not only low efficiency, poor quality, but also the dependence of high intensity of labor, CNC tenon machine to solve the problem.  There are many types of machined tenons.  It can realize square tenon, round tenon and waist tenon.  You can choose from different angles and different tenon sizes for easy adjustment.  Nc tenoning machine has simple operation and simple interface.  Just input processing size number, very convenient.  Operating CNC automatic machinery is a kind of simple work, know the number of workers can learn to operate.  High safety performance, the tool does not directly contact with people.  In the past, it was very common for machine tools to cause injuries, which affected the safety of workers and also brought great trouble to enterprises.  Data tenoning machine can be divided into single head tenoning machine and double head tenoning machine.  Generally according to the number of orders to determine which of the two.  Double - end tenoning machine can be used for large volume activities.  Processing both ends of tenon is very convenient and efficient.  Single head mortising machine is also highly efficient, can meet the basic order quantity, the key advantage is low cost. 


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