Wood Cutting Machine

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  • The chamfering machine (beveling machine) is a special tool for chamfering the pipe or flat plate at the welding front end face. The beveling machine solves the shortcomings of flame cutting, grinder grinding and other operation processes such as irregular angle, rough slope and loud working noise. It has the advantages of simple operation, standard angle, smooth surface, light weight, high efficiency of beveling machine, durability and convenient operation. It is very suitable for welding and manufacturing fields such as steel structure, boiler, pressure vessel, equipment manufacturing, shipbuilding, electric power, mould, chemical industry, petroleum engineering, metallurgy, head, iron tower, aerospace, etc.

  • PLATE-TYPE cutting machine center is a special machine for cutting and punching customized panel furniture, which completely replaces the traditional push bench saw and electronic cutting saw, gets rid of the dependence of the traditional cutting mode on manpower, cuts the vertical holes at the same time, and realizes intelligent production by combining with special production design software. Save labor, materials and time

  • Solid Wood Cutting Machine:Cutting machines are indispensable equipment in some light industries. Traditionally, the cutting machine is a machine that presses the cutting die with the force of machine movement to cut materials. Some changes have taken place in modern cutting machines, and advanced technologies such as high-pressure water jet and ultrasonic wave have been used in leather punching technology, but people still classify these equipments into cutting machines.

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